Kamomellia ---Electronica from Tokyo and Osaka
Kenji Yamazaki and Manami Nagahari started Kamomellia in Japan in 1999. (before the band named Tae . It changed since 2005 as Kamomellia) . Kenji has a lot of experience creating game music and dance tracks. Manami had been singing and using the computer to compose music since 1998. Tae creates music on the computer and the creators exchange their musical ideas using audio files. So their style might be called Tokyo Electronica, a flowering of ambient Techno mixing electronic instruments, digital technology and the human voice. This style is always new always moving, always creative. Watch out and listen!


Diredted by Satoshi Fujii ,Joho Nasuno (GARAGE)

 We provide this game with the musical piece.

TAE (Kamomellia) 「No Name」
Kenji Yamazaki 「incompatibility」